Brush Up on Brushing Tips

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When is the right time to brush your teeth? Should you brush after every single meal? How long do you have to brush? These are a few of the questions that surround the world of dental hygiene, and many begin asking these questions as children.

Parents often tell their children to brush following a meal. However, it can be beneficial to wait 30 minutes after eating before brushing—especially if you’ve eaten something acidic. In the meantime, drinking some water or chewing some sugar-free gum may be recommended.

Some people tend to brush their teeth for 45 seconds, but a full two-minute brushing twice a day is recommended.

While brushing for a few seconds may be ineffective, brushing too long or too hard can prove to be harmful. Doing so can erode the enamel on your teeth and even damage your gums.

Brushes that have small heads may be more effective in cleaning as they may be easier to maneuver to clean the back teeth.

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