Got an Imperfect Smile? Consider Dental Veneers

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Do you like the appearance of your smile? If your answer is “no” because you have imperfect teeth, then it’s time to consider enhancing your smile with dental veneers.

Dental veneers are thin, porcelain shells that can cover your teeth and disguise your imperfections. Fortunately, dental veneers can fix many cosmetic imperfections, like broken, discolored, worn down, and chipped teeth. They can also fix irregularly shaped, misaligned, and uneven teeth. If necessary, they can also close any gaps you have in your smile.

The treatment process of placing a veneer over your imperfect tooth is simple. It begins with Dr. Kathleen Tantuco numbing the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. When you’re numb and ready, your dentist will shave a small amount of the outer layer of your tooth off to make room for the dental veneer. Next, they will make impressions of your teeth and smile and will send those impressions to a professional dental lab. The impressions will act as a guide for the technicians who are creating your dental veneer. Once your veneer is made and your dentist has examined it, they will cement it into place.

If you are interested in boosting the appearance of your smile with dental veneers in Sandy Springs, Georgia, please remember to call Vernon Woods Dental and Implant Center at 404-692-7913 and schedule an appointment. Our dental team will be happy to examine your smile and determine if this treatment is the key to your perfect smile. We look forward to helping you!