Relevant Guidelines Concerning Tooth Hazard Prevention

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Risks to your teeth are present in numerous aspects of your life. Even if you keep your teeth safe from hidden dangers by brushing and flossing effectively, bad habits and other risks in your lifestyle put your teeth in harm’s way on a daily basis.

Unhealthy habits are some of the greatest risks to our smiles that we continually cause ourselves. This includes bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, as well as using drugs. These risks can lead to increases in tooth discoloration, gum disease, and oral cancer. Protect your mouth by eliminating bad habits from your life.

Numerous sports are well-known for the damage they can cause to your body, but many of them are also deeply hazardous to your oral health. If you play a sport that includes mouth guards, face masks or helmets for safety equipment, your teeth may be in danger of dental damage. Be sure to always wear safety equipment when participating.

Mouth jewelry is a key cause of oral damage in teen’s smiles. Not only are the pieces for lip and tongue rings often made of a hard plastic or metal, they’re often small enough that should they break off, a choking hazard is instantly present. Furthermore, the jewelry can lead to infections, lacerations, and dental damage by chipping a cracking your teeth.

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