Find the Answers to Questions About Cavities Here

Are you someone who has questions about tooth decay, which is also known as a cavity? If so, our dentists, Dr. Tantuco and Dr. Chong, will be happy to help you find the answers you need. Having the answers can help you keep your smile and oral health in tip-top shape. So, to help you, they is happy to provide... read more »

Halloween Dental Health

The leaves are changing; the weather is cooling down. It’s the time of year for sweaters, hot cocoa, and of course, Halloween! This festive holiday gives your children a chance to dress up and to stockpile on free candy. The intake of candy can present dental health issues if not handled carefully. Here are a few tips to help keep... read more »

Temporary Toothpaste Substitute

What do you do to keep up your oral health? Do you make a point of brush and floss every day? If so, good for you—but what would you do if you found your toothpaste tube empty one day and weren't able to get more right away? As you can probably guess, you shouldn't just avoid brushing. Fortunately, there are... read more »