The Creation Process of a Porcelain Dental Crown

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Your custom-made dental crown can be created in four steps with the help of Dr. Kathleen Tantuco and our team. Here is an in-depth review of how dental crowns are made:

-Dr. Kathleen Tantuco evaluates your dental health. Because every smile is unique, we need to ensure your tooth can support a dental crown. Dr. Tantuco examines the tooth and alters the shape if needed. Often times, teeth need to be shaped to accommodate the new crown, or, when a tooth is severely damaged or broken, we can build it up to support the dental crown.

-We take impressions of your smile. It is very important to take accurate impressions of your tooth and any surrounding teeth to capture the unique contours of your smile. These impressions are used as the model to create your custom-made dental crown.

-Technicians create the dental crown. The impressions we take in our office are then sent to talented and experienced dental technicians, who create your permanent dental crown based on the models they receive.

-Our dentist places the permanent dental crown. At your second visit to Vernon Woods Dental and Implant Center, we will have you try on your new dental crown to ensure it fits your smile. Dr. Tantuco temporarily places the crown over the tooth to evaluate its fit, shape, and color. We can make any tweaks as needed to ensure your new dental crown fits great. Once the dental crown meets the approval of you and the dentist, heshe] will position the crown and cement it permanently in place.

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