The Dangers of Acidic Foods on Your Smile

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The foods you eat and the drinks you consume play a large role in the overall health of your smile. The dangers of acidic foods on your smile is well documented. Beware of what treats and sweets you are putting into your mouth, as they may have unintended consequences on your health beyond just an upset tummy, as many can lead to tooth decay and cavities as well.

The pH of sugary sweets is extremely low and plays a major factor in the ability of sugary snacks to cause dental erosion. When your tooth enamel is damaged, dental erosion occurs. To better protect your tooth enamel from harm, lowering and eliminating a number of harmful acids in your mouth is paramount in the protection of your smile.

Treating your teeth through proper cleaning methods is also important. When harmful bacteria begin to build up in your mouth as plaque, your smile is at a greater risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Plaque can also convert sugars you consume into harmful acids capable of causing dental erosion. Protect your smile be cleaning your teeth every day.

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