Toothache Treatments

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Did you know that a toothache is caused by damage to the nerve endings within a tooth? However, not all toothache symptoms result in pain within your mouth. In some cases, toothache pain may manifest as disorders in other areas of your head, neck, or face. If you have a toothache, it should be addressed immediately.

For more information about toothaches, see below:

– Toothaches occasionally cause swelling around the tooth, fevers, rashes and chills if they are left unchecked.
– If you have taken over-the-counter pain medications, and the pain in your mouth is still present; or if pain perseveres in your mouth 24 hours after a tooth extraction, contact your dentist.
– If you find yourself suffering from a temporomandibular joint disorder in your jaw, you may develop a toothache.

If are experiencing pain or discomfort and you would like to have your teeth examined by our team at Vernon Woods Dental and Implant Center, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Kathleen Tantuco at our office in Sandy Springs, Georgia. To schedule a visit, please call us at 404-692-7913. A happy smile is a healthy smile!