Want to Know More About Dental Bonding?

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If you have heard about dental bonding but would like to learn more about it, we are happy to describe its benefits to you. It can help you fix relatively small dental issues and restore the natural appearance of teeth.

Matches Teeth in Appearance
Bonding can blend with your teeth because it is made of composite resin. This special material is colored like natural teeth, which can help it disappear like a chameleon when placed. Our dentists, Dr. Kathleen Tantuco, can help the bonding look even more natural by etching and shaping it to match the contours of your teeth. Using these methods, the material can hide in plain view and look as natural as any other tooth.

May Fix Some Minor Problems
Bonding can be used to fix teeth that are discolored, somewhat fractured or chipped. It can fill in the chipped area and cover the fractures and discolorations. Bonding may also help you with teeth that look a little unusual. If they are shorter than they should be or have too much space between them, the material can fill them out more so your smile looks more full.

If you would like to try dental bonding or one of our other services, we invite you to visit us here at Vernon Woods Dental and Implant Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Whatever you need help with, we are happy to offer it. You need only call 404-692-7913 to ask questions and set up a visit with us.